It’s the Thought That Counts


I came home from school Friday and Patrick rushed into the kitchen, announcing, “Mom!  I’m going to take you to Biggby tomorrow for Mother’s Day and I’m buying!!!”

So Saturday we pulled the BOGO coupon out of the drawer, but before we left, I said, “Do you have your money?  “Yup, I have everything!”  Off we went.

When we got to Biggby, we placed our order.  Patrick handed the cashier the coupon and his Biggby card.  (I thought he was paying with money, so this was a surprise.  I didn’t know he had a Biggby card).  The cashier swiped the card and  said, “Uh, there’s no money left on this card.”  Patrick’s mouth dropped open and I started laughing.  “What?  I could have SWORN there was money still left on there!”  The cashier looked at me.  “Don’t worry, I’ll pay”  I told her.

“I’ll pay you back Mom, I promise.  Right now I only have three dollars but as soon as I get more, I’ll give it to you.”

The one on the right is mine.  Reduced calorie Sugar Bear, no whip.

My drink tasted a little bit better than usual.   🙂

Jilly Bean


From Trash to Treasure


I have known my dear friend Sheila for over 40 years.  She is THE Garage Sale Queen.  Queen of buying and selling. One time one of her nieces was getting married and her bridal shower was being held in the front yard at Sheila’s cottage.  Sitting on my porch, I heard someone say, “Whoever wins this game gets to go out in Aunt Sheila’s garage and pick out a prize!”  Her garage sales are notorious.

So on my trip to California last year, I drooled with envy at the way my cousin had organized her bracelets and necklaces.  I just knew when I got back to my cottage, I could run next door to Sheila’s and she’d have one of these for me to refurbish.  She didn’t disappoint me.  Take a look:


Isn’t it a beauty?  Just one of those things you hang coffee mugs on.  It was originally orange with yellow flowers on it but hubby helped me spray paint it white.  What do you think?

And while I was in Sheila’s garage, I also snagged an old chalkboard.  A few fresh coats of chalkboard paint and a freshly painted chalk tray (turquoise, of course) was all it took.  See for yourself:


If there’s anything in particular you’re looking for, let me know.  I think Sheila will have it!

Jilly Bean

The Girl Who Made My Life Easier


A couple of weeks ago, I had to say good-bye to this awesome intern.

My Sweet Sarah

She was one of the most awesome interns I’d ever had.  She got me into the habit of going to McDonald’s drive-thru before school and getting a large iced tea.  She made me go out and buy Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra Christmas cds.  She taught me about Chen’s Restaurant and their delicious crab rangoons, and about Dolce & Gabanna (never heard of them), and about making sure you always have a supply of Skinny Cow treats in your desk drawer.  And for those of you who are familiar with her, she never once really had a thing for “Da boy wid da computah!”

Life in Room 6 just isn’t the same.  I’m glad school will be out soon.  Even though I have 25 little friends still with me every day, it’s lonely!

Michigan State University College of Education
Convocation 2012 With the Sheridan Road Gang

The pic’s a little dark but that’s us, second from left.  We’ll hope she finds a job soon!!!

Jilly Bean

I Guess Somebody Does Care


It is almost the end of the school year.  The kids in first grade are done, as in they.don’  It’s driving me crazy and they know it.  So the other day, one of my sweet little boys came up to me and said, “Mrs. Johnson, can I get something out of my ba….”  “No!”  I said.  “No trips to the backpacks.”  “But it’s something for you” he said.  Figuring it was a note, I said, “Okay.”  So he goes over to his backpack and comes back with these:

EAR PLUGS!!!  Can you believe it?  He must have sensed from previous days that I was at my wits end, even though I tried my best not to let those little peelers know they were getting to me.

“I got them from my Papa’s work for you.”

I must make it a point to be extra nice to him, even when he rolls his eyes at me.

Jilly Bean

Monkeys or Monkees?


For class purposes, today’s post was supposed to be about our favorite zoo animal complete with a video link.  I thought about posting about monkeys, but I’m not crazy about animals OR the zoo.  But I DO like these guys, so I thought I’d link you to my favorite Monkee song of all.  Watch for Davy Jones’ awesome dance moves!

Cheer Up Sleepy Jean!

Jilly Bean

What I Wanted, What I Got


When I was little and it was time to get new spring shoes, I always dreamed that when I got to the shoe store,  my mom would buy me these:

But what I ALWAYS ended up getting were these:

I don’t know why, but every spring the Ruby Red Slippers/Brown Saddle Shoes memory comes rushing back.

On a another note, we kicked off our Spring Break with dinner at our favorite restaurant.

We aren’t traveling anywhere, but we asked each of the kids what they’d like to do.  Patrick wants to get new running shoes, Jacklyn wants to go to the Nike Outlet, and Andrew said he’d like to participate in a heist.  What???

And although we’ve already seen it once, I’m sure some will want to go back and see this:

You can also be sure that I’ll be spending a few minutes here.

Happy Spring Break!

Jilly Bean