More Garage Sale Treasures


Over the weekend we started weeding out Aunt Sheila’s garage sale stuff.  For those of you who don’t know, our Aunt Sheila passed away on July 4th.  I posted about her earlier in my Trash to Treasure post.

Aunt Sheila

I snagged quite a few things.  Take a peek:

Jilly Bean’s Treasures

The nutcrackers in back are for Halloween.  I don’t go for witches and ghosts and all that stuff, but these are a scarecrow, Frankenstein (stine?), and a vampire.  The milk crate was actually carried by someone we knew (Ted, for those of you who remember him).  The little yellow dish matches a bunch of stuff I already have and the books in back were a steal from the Crystal Library as in “However many you can stuff in a bag for three dollars.”  Oh yeah, and there’s a little pushy-up scarecrow in the bunch, too, if you can find him.

Which leaves the two 7-up elves–Sparkly and Parkly.  Who needs to buy a thirty dollar Elf-on-a-Shelf for Christmas when you have Sparkly and Parkly?  Actually, Parkly was originally a Sparkly but his “S” fell off and he couldn’t be sold.  So when I grabbed Sparkly, Parkly was thrown in for free.  Now just for a heads up (not a 7-up!), Sparkly and Parkly will probably be getting into some mischief around December.  But I’m not sure–will Sparkly do good things and Parkly do bad things, or will they do good and bad things together as a team?  I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us.

Finally, Jilly Bean turned 51 last week.  It was great because I saved the candles from the kids 15th birthday last January and just switched the numbers around and used them on my cake.  And yes, when The Husband turns 61 in December, I will be able to repurpose the candles in January for the kids’ 16th birthday!

Oops! I should have had them write “Happy Birthday Jilly Bean!”

Tomorrow I will be unpacking more boxes in my classroom.  Hope to get them all opened and everything put away by Friday.  Check back here later!

Jilly Bean


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