Trash to Treasure: Happy Birthday Edition


No, it’s not Jilly Bean’s birthday.  Yet.  However, my dear friend Vanessa recently celebrated her birthday but this year refrained from celebrating it “Christmas in July” style.  (We usually have a Christmas party at Vanessa’s on her birthday).

Several weeks before her birthday, I was at a yard sale and grabbed these picture frames for a very good price, unaware that they were solid oak!  My plan was to make her a chalkboard for her house.  Every house needs a chalkboard!

Boring-looking picture frames.

It may be hard to see from this picture, but I roughed them up a bit with some sand paper.  The husband said I’d be glad I did.  After that, he began spray painting the frames.  Did I mention the paint had to dry 48 hours before you could put on a second coat?  Waiting was NOT fun; however, look at the finished product:

Vanessa and her new chalkboard!

FYI, that’s plywood painted with chalkboard paint inserted into the frame.  Doesn’t she look happy?

Jilly Bean


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