In the Kitchen With Jacklyn and Eliana


Love, love, love it when Jacklyn’s friend Eliana comes over.   When these two get together, they always grab some cookbooks and head for the kitchen.  This time Jacklyn wanted to show Eliana how to make something we’d made before from The Domestic Rebel.  They were these delicious Cotton Candy Bars using Duncan Hines new Frosting Creations mix in Cotton Candy.  They have a bazillion different flavors and so far I’ve only been able to find them at Kroger.

You can find the recipe for the Cotton Candy Bars here.

Maybe you’re not into eating things that are blue; however, Eliana’s mom DOES NOT EAT SWEETS, but she ate these!  LOTS of these.  Here are a few pics of the process:

Aren’t they cute?  When they came out of the oven, Jacklyn put Eliana to work frosting these babies:

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the finished product.  They disappeared pretty quickly.

I can’t wait until Eliana comes over again!

Jilly Bean


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