Jilly Bean is Back!


Sorry to the five of you who faithfully follow this blog.  Since you last visited I have been assigned a new teaching position at a new building, packed up my entire classroom and moved it to the gym where it is sitting and waiting to be moved across town, had knee surgery, almost had my house catch on fire, went on vacation, and weathered a scary storm (sorry for the pun).  But then I just realized that the five of you who are reading this probably already know that!

Anyhow, here are some  pictures I thought you might like.  Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the split rail fence behind the kids:

These are my kids and the next-door-neighbor kids.  They have spent every 4th of July together since birth.  They have posed in front of this fence every year.  Now take a look at how the fence looked the next morning:

A very strong (and scary!) storm whipped through about 2:30 the following morning.  But that’s not all that happened. Take a look at our neighbor’s yard two doors down:

Those are some giant uprooted trees!  I think they’re going to miss the really nice shade those trees provided.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the sidewalk has lifted and the staircase and half of the deck are not what they used to be!

Stay tuned,

Jilly Bean


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    • Ha! Yes! Jacklyn’s ceiling fan overheated, setting off our smoke alarms and sending a putrid smell throughout the house. Dave wasn’t home – just me, Andrew and Jacklyn. Had to call the FD cuz it smelled so bad and we couldn’t figure out where it was coming from. They figured it out in about two minutes 🙂

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