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Can This Room Be Saved?


In just a few short weeks, I will be on a race to beat the clock/calendar transforming this room into a place that will be my new home away from home.

Here’s another view.  Don’t worry about the crutches–they’re gone.

The contents of this classroom are ten miles on the other side of town.  The parking lot of this school is torn up, making it impossible to deliver anything, let alone countless boxes and a ton of bookcases.

Somehow it will all be taken care of, and on September 4th me and lots of kiddies will be hanging out here for most of our waking hours.  I will be posting the progress once THE MOVE has taken place.  I guess some pictures of THE MOVE would be appropriate as well!

Jilly Bean


Trash to Treasure: Happy Birthday Edition


No, it’s not Jilly Bean’s birthday.  Yet.  However, my dear friend Vanessa recently celebrated her birthday but this year refrained from celebrating it “Christmas in July” style.  (We usually have a Christmas party at Vanessa’s on her birthday).

Several weeks before her birthday, I was at a yard sale and grabbed these picture frames for a very good price, unaware that they were solid oak!  My plan was to make her a chalkboard for her house.  Every house needs a chalkboard!

Boring-looking picture frames.

It may be hard to see from this picture, but I roughed them up a bit with some sand paper.  The husband said I’d be glad I did.  After that, he began spray painting the frames.  Did I mention the paint had to dry 48 hours before you could put on a second coat?  Waiting was NOT fun; however, look at the finished product:

Vanessa and her new chalkboard!

FYI, that’s plywood painted with chalkboard paint inserted into the frame.  Doesn’t she look happy?

Jilly Bean

In the Kitchen With Jacklyn and Eliana


Love, love, love it when Jacklyn’s friend Eliana comes over.   When these two get together, they always grab some cookbooks and head for the kitchen.  This time Jacklyn wanted to show Eliana how to make something we’d made before from The Domestic Rebel.  They were these delicious Cotton Candy Bars using Duncan Hines new Frosting Creations mix in Cotton Candy.  They have a bazillion different flavors and so far I’ve only been able to find them at Kroger.

You can find the recipe for the Cotton Candy Bars here.

Maybe you’re not into eating things that are blue; however, Eliana’s mom DOES NOT EAT SWEETS, but she ate these!  LOTS of these.  Here are a few pics of the process:

Aren’t they cute?  When they came out of the oven, Jacklyn put Eliana to work frosting these babies:

Sorry I didn’t get a picture of the finished product.  They disappeared pretty quickly.

I can’t wait until Eliana comes over again!

Jilly Bean

Jilly Bean is Back!


Sorry to the five of you who faithfully follow this blog.  Since you last visited I have been assigned a new teaching position at a new building, packed up my entire classroom and moved it to the gym where it is sitting and waiting to be moved across town, had knee surgery, almost had my house catch on fire, went on vacation, and weathered a scary storm (sorry for the pun).  But then I just realized that the five of you who are reading this probably already know that!

Anyhow, here are some  pictures I thought you might like.  Pay VERY CLOSE ATTENTION to the split rail fence behind the kids:

These are my kids and the next-door-neighbor kids.  They have spent every 4th of July together since birth.  They have posed in front of this fence every year.  Now take a look at how the fence looked the next morning:

A very strong (and scary!) storm whipped through about 2:30 the following morning.  But that’s not all that happened. Take a look at our neighbor’s yard two doors down:

Those are some giant uprooted trees!  I think they’re going to miss the really nice shade those trees provided.  If you look closely, you’ll notice that the sidewalk has lifted and the staircase and half of the deck are not what they used to be!

Stay tuned,

Jilly Bean