It’s the Thought That Counts


I came home from school Friday and Patrick rushed into the kitchen, announcing, “Mom!  I’m going to take you to Biggby tomorrow for Mother’s Day and I’m buying!!!”

So Saturday we pulled the BOGO coupon out of the drawer, but before we left, I said, “Do you have your money?  “Yup, I have everything!”  Off we went.

When we got to Biggby, we placed our order.  Patrick handed the cashier the coupon and his Biggby card.  (I thought he was paying with money, so this was a surprise.  I didn’t know he had a Biggby card).  The cashier swiped the card and  said, “Uh, there’s no money left on this card.”  Patrick’s mouth dropped open and I started laughing.  “What?  I could have SWORN there was money still left on there!”  The cashier looked at me.  “Don’t worry, I’ll pay”  I told her.

“I’ll pay you back Mom, I promise.  Right now I only have three dollars but as soon as I get more, I’ll give it to you.”

The one on the right is mine.  Reduced calorie Sugar Bear, no whip.

My drink tasted a little bit better than usual.   🙂

Jilly Bean


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