The Girl Who Made My Life Easier


A couple of weeks ago, I had to say good-bye to this awesome intern.

My Sweet Sarah

She was one of the most awesome interns I’d ever had.  She got me into the habit of going to McDonald’s drive-thru before school and getting a large iced tea.  She made me go out and buy Michael Buble and Frank Sinatra Christmas cds.  She taught me about Chen’s Restaurant and their delicious crab rangoons, and about Dolce & Gabanna (never heard of them), and about making sure you always have a supply of Skinny Cow treats in your desk drawer.  And for those of you who are familiar with her, she never once really had a thing for “Da boy wid da computah!”

Life in Room 6 just isn’t the same.  I’m glad school will be out soon.  Even though I have 25 little friends still with me every day, it’s lonely!

Michigan State University College of Education
Convocation 2012 With the Sheridan Road Gang

The pic’s a little dark but that’s us, second from left.  We’ll hope she finds a job soon!!!

Jilly Bean


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