I Guess Somebody Does Care


It is almost the end of the school year.  The kids in first grade are done, as in they.don’t.want.to.do.anything.but.talk.  It’s driving me crazy and they know it.  So the other day, one of my sweet little boys came up to me and said, “Mrs. Johnson, can I get something out of my ba….”  “No!”  I said.  “No trips to the backpacks.”  “But it’s something for you” he said.  Figuring it was a note, I said, “Okay.”  So he goes over to his backpack and comes back with these:

EAR PLUGS!!!  Can you believe it?  He must have sensed from previous days that I was at my wits end, even though I tried my best not to let those little peelers know they were getting to me.

“I got them from my Papa’s work for you.”

I must make it a point to be extra nice to him, even when he rolls his eyes at me.

Jilly Bean


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