What I Wanted, What I Got


When I was little and it was time to get new spring shoes, I always dreamed that when I got to the shoe store,  my mom would buy me these:

But what I ALWAYS ended up getting were these:

I don’t know why, but every spring the Ruby Red Slippers/Brown Saddle Shoes memory comes rushing back.

On a another note, we kicked off our Spring Break with dinner at our favorite restaurant.

We aren’t traveling anywhere, but we asked each of the kids what they’d like to do.  Patrick wants to get new running shoes, Jacklyn wants to go to the Nike Outlet, and Andrew said he’d like to participate in a heist.  What???

And although we’ve already seen it once, I’m sure some will want to go back and see this:

You can also be sure that I’ll be spending a few minutes here.

Happy Spring Break!

Jilly Bean


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